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Captain America

Appearing in "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste!"

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Synopsis for "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste!"

Steve Rogers eats brunch with his neighbors and talks with Bernie about their relationship. As Captain America, he travels to Madison Square Garden to participate in a motorcycle exhibition and is informed the arena has heightened security for this show. There are Nobel Prize winners in the audience and other Nobel Prize winners have been kidnapped lately. New motorcycle stunt performers Team America start the show and Cap joins in but a giant appears from a portal and kidnaps Nobel Prize recipient Alfred Knopfler.

Cap and Team America follow, finding themselves in a rural town led by the Mad Thinker, populated by android duplicates of great thinkers from throughout history. Mad Thinker reveals he kidnapped the Nobel Prize winners so their duplicates can replace the historic figures, who have no new knowledge to offer. Capturing Team America, Thinker sets his sights on Cap's mind until a black-clad biker crashes in and frees Cap and Team America. Together they destroy Thinker's androids and call S.H.I.E.L.D. for clean up, but there's no trace of the mysterious other biker.


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