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Quote1.png Whatever it is Arnie... You've got Captain America. Quote2.png
Steve Rogers

Appearing in "Someone Who Cares!"

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  • Purple fibered monster
  • Thugs

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Synopsis for "Someone Who Cares!"

The story opens with Steve and Bernie talking about taking their relationship to a higher level. They are interrupted by a passerby named Arnie Roth. Arnie was Steve Rogers childhood best friend and confidante. Arnie has discovered that Steve is Captain America. Arnie also needs Cap's help as his close friend Michael has been kidnapped. On the way to rescue Michael, Arnie breaks down and confesses that he is leading Cap into a trap. As a result, Cap enters covertly enters the room and defeats a number of thugs and encounters a purple fibered monster. Arnie also enters the house to find Michael. He finds Michael in an upstairs room comatose and fears that he is dead. Cap eventually defeats the monster, but upon the monsters defeat, Michael is revived. It appears that Michael and the construct were mind linked. When Michael and Arnie are re-united it becomes apparent to Cap that they are a gay couple. Arnie thanks Cap for his help. Steve wonders who would go to such great lengths to involve him in such a plot. Bernie befriends a bag lady named Olympia. However, Olympia pulls a knife on Bernie. Bernie eventually talks Olympia down convincing her that she is her friend. Steve and Bernie are eventually reunited. They silently embrace and kiss in Bernie's apartment as the story closes.


  • The purple fibered monster in this issue is later revealed to be a creation of Arnim Zola.
  • This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: Delmo Walters, Jr., Wesley M. Allison, Red Craig, Joe Spencer, John Rucker, John Rivera, Carlas M. Fernandez, "T.M. Maple", and Thomas Cook.
  • Ink credits are listed as "John Beatty and Company". Other inker(s) who assisted on this issue likely include Vince Colletta.

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