Quote1.png At ease Mister! The day General Sam Sawyer needs help is the day you see him pushing up daisies! Quote2.png
-- General Sam Sawyer

Appearing in "Cap and the Howlers... 'TOGETHER AGAIN!'"

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Synopsis for "Cap and the Howlers... 'TOGETHER AGAIN!'"

Cap and the Howler's are having a nice reunion in New York City when General Sam Sawyer is mysteriously kidnapped by HYDRA. Cap and the Howler's quickly jump back into action to rescue "Happy Sam". Their adventure soon takes them to a North Dakota Air Force base where they encounter the leader of the plot... Baron Strucker! To be Continued!


This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from T.M. Maple, Stanley Johnston, and Miles Lewis.


  • In this issue it is revealed that Gabe Jones has a nephew "Phil".

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