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Quote1.png He died the way he battle, sacrificing himself to save his friends. He save his friends. Quote2.png
Nick Fury

Appearing in "Death of a Hero"

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Synopsis for "Death of a Hero"

Baron Strucker and his Hydra agents are defeated in their terrorist plot. Baron Strucker is revealed to be a robot. However, General Sawyer aka Happy Sam is killed in the battle. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery by the unit he created: Nick Fury and his "Howling Commandos".


  • As per a conversation in this issue, the Strucker LMD is the same one that appeared as The Hood in Captain America # 130.
  • This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: David C. Zimmerman, Mark Powers, Greg Magarian, J. Alexander Hall, Dave Schmidt, and John Brittan.

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