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Quote1.png Get your hand away from her, Primus, before I rip it off! Now, Primus--- NOW! Quote2.png
Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Appearing in "Of Monsters and Men"

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Synopsis for "Of Monsters and Men"

Captain America confronts Steve Rogers as Bernie looks on in disbelief. Cap attacks, beating on Steve until he reverts to his true form as Primus. Bernie faints. Primus takes Bernie, changes into Doughboy, and escapes. Later at Avengers Mansion. Iron Man reconfigures a psychometer so Cap can track Primus. Nick Fury calls in and tells Cap Michael died. Elsewhere. CUA member Mr Burns is found dead in his home, surrounded by crows. At Camp Arrowhead in Lakewood. New Jersey. Primus holds Bernie captive, telling her his plan to save the planet by turning even/one into mutates, and for her to be his friend. Cap bursts in and battles Primus, but ultimately falls to his raw strength. Bernie comes to Cap's aid. making Primus realize he still has much to learn. Primus apologizes and leaves. Days later, Steve and Arnie visit Michael's grave. Steve wallows in self-pity and Arnie chastises him for it, reminding Steve that everything Arnie wanted from life is dead. This is Arnie's time for grief, not Steve's. In Central Park, a woman is found dead, surrounded by crows.

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