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Synopsis for "Sermon of the Straw"

Scarecrow murders yet another CUA member, Mr. Buckly. Later, Captain America confronts the CUA for using his likeness without his permission. Jimmy tries to convince Cap to side with them, but Cap tells the group that he represents all American people, not any one group, and tells them to take the posters down. Cap learns that Scarecrow has been killing their members. Cap decides the best way to keep an eye on them is to accept Arthur Bennett's job offer to work on their campaign. Upstate, Scarecrow watches a press conference where James McArthur calls him a madman, fueling his rage. Later, Cap finds Scarecrow attacking Bennett and intervenes but Scarecrow uses his crows to cover his escape. The day of the CUA Network's launch, Scarecrow reveals that James Sr. has been using the CUA for personal gain. Cap quietly takes down Scarecrow's men as he rants before defeating Scarecrow himself. As Scarecrow is taken away, his brother reveals Scarecrow went insane while in prison.


  • This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: Brad Breer, Adam Burchess, Lon Levy, Scott Channell, Dan Hughes, Jr., and Todd Berkoben.

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