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Godwulf explains how the world as it is came to be as he leads Captain America and Deathlok to resistance headquarters. Godwulf introduces them to the Redeemers, tells Cap of Hellinger's plan to destroy the remaining population with his Alpha Mechs. and explains that he sent Deathlok back in time so Helinger couldn't find him. Cap helps rally Deathlok and the resistance* attack Hellinger. Back in the present. Bernie is frustrated that Steve didn't come to her family's dinner. Meanwhile. "Scarlet" brainwashes Nomad. Cap and the resistance raid Hellinger's base, eventually falling into a deadly maze. The Redeemers are separated one by one until only Cap and Deathlok are left to face Hellinger. Hellinger takes control of Deathlok's internal computer, forcing him to shoot Cap. Deathlok fights back and turns his blaster on Hellinger and his systems. With Hellinger dead the Redeemers are freed, and Cap congratulates Deathlok on a job well done.

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In the devastated nuclear wasteland of the 1990s, Cap teams up with Deathlok, the rebel cyborg, to fight for America's future.


  • This issue contians a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: Gabriel Carras, Micaheal Kanterovich, David M. Sommerfleck, and Robert E. Diltz, II.


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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #288 [1]


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