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Quote1 There's this--echo in the back of my head--and I'm scared all over again. Quote2
Jack Monroe (Nomad)

Appearing in "Echoes"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Echoes"

Captain America and Bernie spend time together at Avengers Mansion, where Bernie mistakes Cap's teammate the Wasp for a mosquito. Meanwhile, Jack Monroe has a nightmare of Cap ageing and withering away. Steve arrives and they leave to visit Sam Wilson. Baron Zemo spies on the pair until Mother Superior recruits him for a sinister purpose. Cap and Nomad catch up with Falcon, who tells the pair he lost his Congressional bid. Nomad becomes distracted while Cap gives a juvenile delinquent a pep talk. Arnie Roth wakes from a nightmare of his recently deceased life partner, Michael Bech, as a zombie to see Mother Superior and Zemo. Mother Superior puts Arnie back to sleep and when he wakes again, Cap, Nomad and Falcon greet him. Mother Superior takes Zemo to Skull-House and introduces him to her father, the Red Skull. After the heroes leave Arnie spots Zemo's footprints. Meanwhile, a giant crow mysteriously attacks Cap and Nomad.

Solicit Synopsis

Cap's life becomes more complicated than ever, when the son of Baron Zemo returns! Plus - the first hints of a grand scheme against Cap that he may never recover from! And who is Mother Superior?


  • This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: Ray D. Smith, Ian White, Buddey Finethy, Shaun Johnston, and Kevin Hall.

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