Quote1.png I guess I do tend to patronize those in the crime-fighting business who are younger than I am! But then almost everyone in the business is younger than I am! Quote2.png
-- Captain America (Steve Rogers)

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Synopsis for "To Tame a Tumbler"

Captain Amenca stops the new Tumbler tram robbing the GLIC offices The acrobat's skills allow him to escape, but he forgets his loot, a life insurance policy for the original Tumbler. Tumbler returns home to find Cap waiting for him. After a skirmish Cap convinces Tumbler in investigating GLIC and offers to help. The two return to the GLIC offices to find Matthews and his security guards relocating their policy records in response to the break-in. Cap and Tumbler sneak into the building and discover that GLIC has policies on several costumed criminals as part of an elaborate fraud scheme. Though Matthews and his men catch them in the act, Cap and Tumbler are able to overcome the daunting odds and subdue their opponents. Cap and Tumbler turn the GLIC personnel over to the police and Cap accepts Tumbler's offer of breakfast. Tumbler tells Cap that with his goals accomplished, he's retiring as the Tumbler.

Solicit Synopsis

Our star-spangled Avenger battles for the spirit of America - against the spirit of America? When Black Crow threatens, Cap answers the challenge! Plus, more developments in the lives of Steve Rogers, Bernie Rosenthal, and the man named Nomad!


This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: Tim Mennel, Eric Stephenson, Eric James, Balch, Kurt Oliver, and Whitney Shroer.

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