Captain America Vol 1 296

I am evil's heart--not Baron Zemo! Not my father! Sin

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Synopsis for "Things Fall Apart"

The Sisters of Sin attack and capture Falcon atop a Harlem rooftop. Meanwhile, Starfox and Wasp find Bernie's apartment empty and a skull insignia burned into a wall. At Skull-House, Captain America and Nomad are shocked to find the Arnie Roth they had mistaken for Zemo to be yet another robot. A door opens, leading the pair to Horst's body, but as they examine it, a mirror reveals to Cap he's physically aged decades. Cap and Nomad enter a room decorated like a 1940's-era cabaret, filled with more Arnie robots and Sister Pleasure as a hostess. Nomad blames Sister Pleasure for brainwashing him into drugging Cap with a chemical that rapidly aged the Avenger. She vanishes, and the real Arnie appears on stage. Brainwashed into denouncing his sexuality, Arnie collapses from the strain of fighting his brainwashing. Mother Superior appears and reveals herself to be responsible for Cap's aging and torture and attacks Cap. As they fight Cap tries to reason with her but she poisons Cap anyway.

Solicit Synopsis

Trapped by an assortment of his most deadly enemies, Captain America must fight for the life and the sanity of his best friend, Arnie Roth! And that's no small feat — when you've got to contend with Baron Zemo, the Red Skull, and Mother Superior and her Sisters of Sin! Guest-stars the Falcon, the Wasp, and Starfox!


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Grafitti: Letters are published from: Kevin Hall, Bill Ford, and Tripp Reade.

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