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Red Skull

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Synopsis for "All My Sins Remembered"

Mother Superior attacks Baron Zemo for intruding on her defeat of Captain America, but Red Skull interrupts them both; he berates his daughter for using cheap deception to best Cap. Meanwhile, as Cap finds himself alongside Bucky. battling Baron Zemo at an Al air base in 1945. The captive Bernie, Falcon and a catatonic Arnie seek to escape Skull-House's dungeon. Mother Superior and Red Skull make Cap re-experience the worst day of his life, but Zemo and Mother Superior are shocked when Cap prevents "Bucky's" death. Zemo, who is controlling the reenactment via the Skull's "deus machina" device, blames Mother Superior for Cap's victory, but the Skull reveals Cap's will wrested control from Zemo, allowing him the chance to change the past, and is pleased that he can face Cap in their final battle with the heart free of the guilt of his greatest tragedy. Unmasking, Cap demands the Skull reveal his plan, and the Skull unmasks in turn, revealing himself to be just as physically aged as Cap.

Solicit Synopsis

Cap's seen it all in his career — and he's always come out on top! But now, the Red Skull forces Captain America to relive the most horrible moment of his life! Can even a living legend stand the shock? Mother Superior and Baron Zemo add to the reprehensible torment.


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from: Mark Powers, Barry Dutter, Tim Mennel, and Grant Pontius.

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