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Quote1.png We will pass the boundaries of life with our souls entwined--and grapple for all eternity! Quote2.png
Red Skull

Appearing in "Sturm und Drang: The Life and Times of the Red Skull!"

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Synopsis for "Sturm und Drang: The Life and Times of the Red Skull!"

THE DEFINITIVE origin of the Red Skull. Many details of his early childhood and later life are revealed. Captain America, who has recently aged greatly due to the Skull's masterplan, remains his captive and the Skull reveals his intention for both of them to die together battling each other.

Solicit Synopsis

The final battle comes ever closer! Learn the secret origin of the Red Skull! Captain America himself might not be ready for the awesome menace... are you? The title of this stunning, sensation-soaked story is "Sturm Und Drang!" If you wanna know what that means - buy it, believer!


  • Art from the cover and interior in this issue are homages of many previous images. Most are from Jack Kirby and are easily recognizable.
  • In this issue, it is revealed that Skull-House was created by the Red Skull for his daughter Sin/Mother Superior.
  • Captain America doesn't speak a single word in the whole issue.

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