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Quote1.png Your loved ones are all dead Captain--burned in the smoking rubble of Skull-House! Quote2.png
The Red Skull

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Synopsis for "The Bunker"

Falcon, Nomad, Bernie and Arnie search for a way out of Skull-House as Captain America searches for them. Cap passes Red Skull's quarters, not noticing a faulty Cosmic Cube with Hitler trapped inside. Cap locates a subterranean bunker but is sealed inside with Red Skull. Goading Cap into a final battle he reveals that he injected both of them with a poison that will kill them both within hours. Mother Superior, incensed with her father's denouncement of her, takes it out on Baron Zemo. Meanwhile, Julie Morgan watches over Dave Cox. Jesse Black Crow has a vision of Cap and Red Skull, and the Avengers mobilize to rescue Cap. The Sisters of Sin attack Cap's friends, but the fight is interrupted by Mother Superior and Baron Zemo's battle. Mother Superior fells Zemo with a psionic attack, then vows to wrest the mantle of evil by force. In order to irrevocably push Cap over the edge, the Skull triggers an explosion that seemingly destroys Skull-House, killing everyone inside. Enraged, Cap attacks the Skull, determined to end his reign of terror.

Solicit Synopsis

The fights you thought you'd never see! Falcon and Nomad take on the Sisters of Sin! Baron Zemo dukes it out with Mother Superior! Captain America and the Red Skull... just sit around and watch? There's a reason for this, of course — and it's in "The Bunker"


  • Ferriter is credited as Juliana Ferriter.

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