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Quote1.png I see now the only way I'm ever going to be free of you is to see you dead! Quote2.png
Captain America

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Synopsis for "Das Ende!"

Jesse Black Crow has a vision of Captain America's recent troubles and assumes his mystic crow form to fly to his aid. Cap, grief-maddened by the death of his friends and fiance, viciously battles the Red Skull in his underground bunker. At the same time, a hospitalized Dave Cox's condition worsens as his wife and child helplessly watch on. Even though the Skull reveals the poison which will soon kill each of them has no antidote, Cap stops himself from delivering the killing strike, angering the Skull. He pleads with Cap to kill him, but the Nazi's pleas are silenced as he finally succumbs to the poison's effects and dies in Cap's arms. At that instant, Dave Cox regains consciousness and embraces his thankful family as Black Crow watches from the window. Cap carries the Skull's body above ground and finds that Skull House's destruction was yet another illusion, just as the poison overtakes him. As Black Crow arrives and revives Cap with his mystic abilities, Bernie, Falcon, Nomad, and Arnie escape from Skull-House. Nomad re-enters Skull-House and finds Cap still alive. The aged Avenger carries the Skull's corpse outside, remarking that the time has finally come to bury the past.

Solicit Synopsis

Cap fights the Red Skull believing his friends dead, injected with poison, Cap goes after the Red Skull with a vengeance!


  • Plot by DeMatteis, script by Ellis. Michael Ellis is a pseudonym suggested to DeMatteis by editor Gruenwald. The script was by DeMatteis and then partially changed.[1]
  • This is the final issue written by scribe J.M. DeMatteis. He had previously written 34 issues in this series. His farewell is confirmed in next issue's letter column.
  • The letters page, "American Graffiti", contains a pin-up of the Red Skull and Captain America in battle. It is titled, "The End of an Era".
  • Although the Red Skull dies in this issue, he will return. He appears as a spirit in Captain America #326 and returns to life in Captain America #350.

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