Captain America Vol 1 302

It's one thing to steal... and quite another to steal from Captain America. Captain America

Appearing in "...And Other Strangers"

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  • Tony
  • Richie
  • "Woim"




Synopsis for "...And Other Strangers"

Captain America picks up his motorcycle from storage. Machete, a South American master of bladed weapons, attacks Captain America to test his mettle. To do so, Machete makes an unprecedented hit on Captain America: the internal holding straps of his shield while he was wielding it, making the shield much more cumbersome to use. Regardess, Cap manages to hold his own against his assailant, even if he has to hold the shield by its rim.

Realizing he's no match for Cap, Machete creates a distraction and retreats. Later at his apartment after he replaces the shield's holdings straps, Steve chats with Bernie before heading out on patrol with Nomad, Meanwhile Machete reports to Batroc, who sends Machete back out with Zaran. another weapons master, to find the hero. While on patrol. Cap and Nomad encounter Machete and Zaran,

In the ensuing skirmish. Zaran separates Cap from his shield. Machete grabs Nomad and threatens to kill him, forcing Cap to let the villains go. While Nomad wastes time apologizing, Cap realizes that the villains took his shield, their apparent true goal all along.

Solicit Synopsis

Batroc enlists Zaran and Machete into his brigade for the purpose of stealing the greatest weapon in the world — Cap's shield! And if they have to do so over Cap's dead body, so be it!


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Grafitti. Letters are published from: Harold Borquin, T.M. Maple, Steve Greydanus, and Jack Van Schoyk.

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