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Quote1.png I have finally shafted zee great Captain America! Quote2.png
Batroc the Leaper

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Synopsis for "Double Dare!"

Captain America and Nomad return home to tell Bernie that Cap's shield has been stolen. The next day, disguised as pizza deliverymen, Batroc's Brigade sells Captain America's shield to Stane International, where Richard Arons is coercing Dr. Myron MacLain, the shield's creator, into trying to replicate the indestructible material the shield is made from. To celebrate their victory Batroc's Brigade gets drunk, and Machete and Zaran taunt Batroc over his inability to defeat Cap solo. Seeking to prove himself. Batroc finds and challenges Cap. As he pummels the inebriated Batroc, Cap is surprised to see Machete and Zaran laughing at their leader. Anxious to retrieve his shield. Cap offers Batroc a free shot at him in exchange for information about the shield's location. Batroc takes it. sending the hero flying, but to the mercenaries' surprise. Cap weathers the blow and wins anyway. Machete and Zaran flee, and Cap resolves to get his shield from Stane.

Solicit Synopsis

It's triple-trouble time with the greatest grudge match of the decade! Batroc, Machete and Zaran are on a rampage! Cap and Nomad must stop them! But Batroc plans to avenge all his past defeats by the star-spangled Avenger! This time, he has vowed, the winner will be Batroc the Leaper!


  • This issue contains a letters page, America Graffiti. Letters are published from: Bill Oldach, Eric Swann, and Thomas Long. It also contains a "Special Announcement Section"


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