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-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Walk Upon England!"

Steve Rogers is working on a deadline at his apartment when the vision of man in costume with the British flag appears and then vanishes. Rogers takes this as a sign and heads off to England.

Meanwhile, Nomad encounters a robbery of a local deli. The robbers get the jump on Nomad but he eventually recovers and fights them off. They escape but he does return the money they stole to the deli owner, who mistakenly refers to him as Captain America.

Steve Rogers arrives in England and changes into his Captain America attire. After riding the top of a train to central London, Captain America looks out over the city before he is attacked from behind by Captain Britain. They brawl on top of London Bridge and crash through St. Paul's Cathedral as Captain America appears to falling to his death.

Back in Brooklyn, Bernadette Rosenthal and Jack Monroe arrive at Steve Rogers' apartment at the same time and find the note he left behind saying he had left for England.

Captain America lands on the Post Office Tower and is pursued by Captain Britain. Captain Britain ends up burying Captain America underneath the rubble of a building. When Captain America wakes up, he is chained in a dungeon alongside unknown another man as Captain Britain reveals himself to be Modred the Mystic.

Modred recounts his journey to this point. After the Avengers banished Lord Chton, Modred was left in the care of Bova and when she was injured, he wandered from the mountains of Eastern Europe to England. It was there he came upon a castle in Cumbria and his powers returned. Modred encountered and subdued Captain Britain, who tried to transport his costume, which was the vision Rogers saw, but Modred retrieved it for his own use.

Now, Modred prepares to summon Merlin and dispose him as England's wizard.

Solicit Synopsis

It's the match-up of the month when America's and Britain's greatest freedom fighters, Captain America and Captain Britain, combine forces to stop Modred the Mystic!


  • This issue has a letters page, American Grafitti. Letters are published from: Jeff Mitchell, John L. Di Bello, Steve Hewitt, and Joe Kalinowski. The page also contains a "Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation."

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