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Quote1 I've gone mad! Mad as a hatter! Mad as a capper! Cap as a madder! Does Cap matter? No, I'm mad! No, I'm Cap! Quote2

Appearing in "Stop Making Sense"

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Synopsis for "Stop Making Sense"

While Captain America is returning home from London, Jack Monroe gets a job as a grocery bagger until, as Nomad, he has to deal with a new villain called Madcap, a seemingly indestructible lunatic rampaging through the city with the power to induce lunacy on others. Nomad falls victim to this power and spends hours hallucinating himself as someone that's literally just half a Captain America. When he finally comes out of it, he finds that his absence from work didn't go unnoticed and loses his job on his first day. With all his troubles, he doesn't notice that Bernie is also about to lose her livelihood as her glass shop is shutting down.

Elsewhere, the Serpent Squad breaks into the home of their erstwhile teammate, Sidewinder.

Solicit Synopsis

Wait until you see what Madcap's got in mind for Nomad and New York City!

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