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Appearing in "Nomad Madcap Cap..."

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Synopsis for "Nomad Madcap Cap..."

Madcap is walking around Coney Island at night when he is jumped by a gang. He is unaffected by their assault and uses his mind control to turn them into babbling imbeciles before returning home.

Steve Rogers is also returning home from his recent adventures and connects with Bernie. During their conversation, he remembers that he had missed a deadline at his job with the ad agency and is frustrated with himself. Bernie relays that she has not seen Jack Monroe recently and thinks he could be in trouble after his run-ins with Madcap.

Jack, however, is waiting for Madcap when he arrives home wearing his Nomad garb. He tries to relate with Madcap by sharing his sentiment that life is meaningless, a key M.O. of Madcap's persona. Madcap relays his youth and tells a story of how he was on a field trip with his family when the bus they were in was broadsided by a semi and he was thrown from the wreckage and exposed to a chemical created by A.I.M. His parents and sister were all killed but he made a miraculous recovery in the hospital and discovered he had incredible healing powers thereafter but felt life had otherwise become meaningless, thus adopting his Madcap identity. After his story, Madcap allows Nomad to stay overnight feeling he has nothing to fear from him.

Meanwhile, the Serpent Society continues its recruitment campaign and various villains are added to their ranks, including Cobra, Princess Python, and Constrictor.

Steve visits the ad agency offices when Monday comes. He has a candid conversation with his boss who expresses his frustration about the missed deadline but is willing to give Steve another chance because he appreciates his work. Steve decides to quit because he feels he is unable to commit to the job due to his obligations as Captain America. Afterwards, he calls around looking for Jack but is unsuccessful.

Captain America heads to Avengers Mansion to get in a workout and after a discussion with Jarvis, comes to a realization of where Madcap might be hiding out in his quest to locate Jack. Jack joins Madcap on his daily shenanigans the following day and they skip out on paying a bill at a diner, much to Jack's dismay. Madcap dons his costume and begins terrorizing the people of Coney Island with his mind control, turning them into careless and incoherent nutcases. Nomad finally gets fed up and decides to tackle Madcap, beginning an extended fight amongst the amusement park rides. Captain America arrives and witnesses the fight but decides to allow Nomad to handle it himself, believing he has a personal score to settle. Nomad is eventually able to overcome Madcap by covering his head, preventing him from using his mind control which he discovers is powered by his stare. Cap greets him and congratulates him on the victory. Nomad is glad he was there to witness his first solo victory over a super-villain and tells him that he wishes to go his own way thereafter, living up to his namesake of Nomad.

Solicit Synopsis

Madcap returns and Nomad must stop him in the wildest action-packed adventure this side of Yancy Street! Nomad discovers a truth about himself in "Nomad / Madcap / Cap!"


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