Quote1 This is Captain America. Step forward with your hands in the air! Quote2
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Serpents of the World Unite!"Edit

Sidewinder invites villains with serpent like powers to join him in creating the Serpent Society. Constrictor would rather work alone and tries to sabotage one of their first missions by calling the Avengers. Captain America follows the anonymous tip and comes across Anaconda, Rattler and Cobra stealing equipment from the Brand corporation. Anaconda is defeated by Captain America but is retrieved later by Sidewinder.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Amereican Grafitti. Letters are published from: Mark Ryan, Dennis Aman, Andy Neiman, Curtis Perry, Millard P. Griffin, Jr., and Kevin Hall.
  • First appearance of Rachel Leighton (Diamondback). She will later become a romantic interest and partner of Captain America.


  • Captain America and Anaconda meet for the first time!

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