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Blue Streak

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Synopsis for "Justice Is Served?"

Death Adder is taking an unconscious Princess Python back to the Circus of Crime to ransom her back to them when his aircraft is taken out by a mysterious assailant. He's forced to hide his hostage and hijack a taxi to report back to the Serpent Society, but unfortunately for him the cabbie turns out to be the supervillain serial killer.

Meanwhile, Steve moves back into Avengers Mansion but doesn't plan to spend much time there. He has the Wakanda Design Group kit out a van so he can take his mission on the road and his first outing takes him unsuspectingly close to a secret villain club known as the Bar With No Name. There, Firebrand tries to convince Blue Streak of the threat of all the recent villain killings and tells him there'll be a meeting at the bar soon on how to deal with it, but Blue Streak doesn't take it very seriously. As he leaves, he causes enough mayhem on the road to get Captain America's attention.

Cap finds Blue Streak and engages in a chase with the help of his motorcycle, which he keeps in the back of his van. Cap manages to damage one of Blue Streak's skates, but Blue Streak slows down his pursuer with the help of his road tacks. Once he's out of sight, Blue Streak fakes an accident by tossing a piece of his costume over a cliff off the side of the road and when Cap catches up, he takes it seriously and heads down the cliff to see if he can find a body. Blue Streak hitches a ride with a trucker to make his getaway, but unfortunately for him, the trucker makes him the villain killer's next victim.


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Grafitti. Letters are published from: Hurricane Heeran, Roger Z. Cadenhead, Paul Weissburg, and Norman Breyfogle.
  • Captain America debuts his new, custom red, white and blue motorcycle helmet this issue.

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