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Synopsis for "Overkill"

Blacklash is making jewelry heists in order to support his mom when Captain America defeats him and finds out that the Melter had been recently killed. He links this with the attack on the Constrictor (Frank Schlichting) by Scourge and sets out to learn more. Meanwhile back at Serpent Society Headquarters Sidewinder teleports in with the dead body of Death Adder and swears revenge on whoever killed him which is also Scourge. Then at the Bar with No Name, Gary Gibert (also known as Firebrand) is meeting with two other costumed villains Jaguar and Letha to discuss a mass meeting about how to deal with Scourge. As Captain America follows his leads and hunches, the meeting of supervillains starts. When they are in the heat of their discussions, the Bartender, who happens to be Scourge, then jumps out from behind the bar and kills everyone there exclaiming "Justice is Served!"


  • Scourge is disguised as Jake the Bartender. It is not clear how long this ruse had been taking place.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "American Graffiti". Letters are published from: George A. Williams, Brian Nelson, and Mark F. Pastell.

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