Quote1.png Someday there is going to be a reckoning and I'll prove to the world that I'd make a better symbol of America than him... Quote2.png
-- Super-Patriot

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Solicit Synopsis

Over the last few issues, Captain America's faith in the American dream suffered its greatest blow— he'd been forced to take a life! Can Cap's faith be renewed after what he has just experienced? Introducing the incredible Super Patriot!


  • Super-Patriot would later take on the identity of Captain America and eventually becomes US Agent.
  • The three unnamed members of the Buckies would eventually become Battlestar, Right-Winger, and Left-Winger.
  • This issue contains a letters page, American Grafitti. Letters are published from Scott Ridgers, Vic Mordoh, Matt O'Grady, Richard Watson, Howard T. Kidd, Andrew Bell, and Andy Rodriguez.
  • Marvel 25th Anniversary cover.

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