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Lt. Michael Lynch

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Synopsis for "Soldier, Soldier"

Demolition Man (D-Man) is in cardiac arrest after a battle with Cap. Cap starts CPR and recaps what has happened the past three days as he does so. He had been pursuing the Power Broker, assisted by one of the persons Power Broker had augmented, Dennis Dunphy, aka D-Man. To escape a boiler room Cap had been trapped in while chasing Power Broker, Cap traversed the sewers and came across The Shroud and his team, The Night Shift. They led Cap to the Power Broker, who was in bed. The bed became an elevator that took Cap down suddenly whereupon D-Man freed himself from an augmentation machine and attacked Cap, during which fight D-Man had the heart attack.

Cap’s efforts to resuscitate D-Man prove successful. Just as Cap was about to ask questions of a Power Broker associate the Shroud made available, Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) bursts into the room to try to run past Cap. Cap has questions and so pursues Ms. Marvel in order to ask them. Ms. Marvel is scared of Cap and distrustful of men due to recent experiences, but Cap wins her over by allowing her to return as her own decision. In the meantime Cap arranges for medical attention for D-Man, who pulls through. Cap then turns his attention to a reviving yet defiant Mr. Jackson, the Power Broker, and lets him know he has a lot to answer for.

The scene then shifts from the San Fernando Valley, California, where Cap is, to Washington, D.C. The head of a commission tells subordinates to arrange to have Captain America standing before them forthwith.

Cut back to Cap and the San Fernando Valley. The Shroud says goodbye while Cap questions the Power Broker. Jackson refuses to cooperate and in turn threatens Cap with legal action. To back Jackson’s threat up, Lt. Lynch appears, explains to Cap the government authorized Jackson to create augmented soldiers because the government has given up on trying to create super soldiers like Cap.

Ms. Marvel bursts in, recognizes Lt. Lynch, and launches an attack on him and his men. In the confusion Power Broker decides to escape and orders an augmented soldier, G.I. Max, to take Cap out in order to make good on his escape. During Max and Cap’s fight, Lt. Lynch opened fire. A bullet ricocheted off Cap’s shield, killing Max. Ms. Marvel held D-Man and the Power Broker until authorities arrived and turned them over to them. Then she accompanied Cap back to D.C. where Cap plans to make the Army’s involvement with a criminal known to the Pentagon.

Solicit Synopsis

Is Captain America obsolete? In the final chapter of the Power Broker Saga, the U.S. Army claims he is and to replace him they've created the ultimate super soldier— G.I. Max!


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from Bill Climer, Anthony R. Cardo, Sean Bartlett, Howard T. Kidd, and Lou Bear.

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