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Quote1.png Captain America was created to be a mere soldier, But I have made him far more than that. To return to being a mere soldier would be a betrayal of all I've striven for, for the better part of my career. To serve the country your way, I would have to give up my personal freedom... And put myself in a position where I might have to compromise my ideals to obey your orders. I cannot represent the American goverment, the President does that. I must represent the American people. I represent the American Dream, the freeddom to strive to become all that you dream of being. Being Captain America has been my American Dream. To become what you want me to be, I would have to compromise that dream...abandon what I have come to stand for. My commitment to the ideals of this country is greater than my commitment to a 40-year old document. Quote2.png
Steve Rogers

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Synopsis for "The Choice"

Captain America has been summoned to the Pentagon. After the Federal Government's "Commission" demands that Captain America become an official entity of the U.S. Government, Captain America reflects on whether or not he should accept these conditions. Meanwhile, the Super-Patriot defeats a terrorist, Warhead, who is perched on the Washington Monument. At the end of the story, Steve Rogers turns in his uniform and his famous shield to the Commission, resigning his role as Captain America, and walks out.


  • A sad Abraham Lincoln replaces the normal logo for this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, America Graffiti. Letters are published from Michael Zampella, Hurricane Heeran, Larry Stohl, Jerry Davis, Nicholas Settipani, and Dennis R. Vian, Jr.


  • Jake McNulty and Elrod Farley show a distinctive likeness of Jake and Elrod of the Blues Brothers fame.

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