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Quote1 Once again I am forced to choose between saving lives and apprehending felons! Quote2
Steve Rogers/The Captain

Appearing in "The Snake Pit"

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Synopsis for "The Snake Pit"

D-Man teaches Vagabond some wrestling moves much to Nomad's chagrin. A mysterious flying vehicle suddenly arrives over their cabin, putting most of the gang on edge, but Steve is expecting them as envoys from Wakanda delivering him a new vibranium shield developed as a favor from Black Panther. As Cap is admiring the handiwork, Falcon flies in delivering the message from the hotline that Diamondback is looking for help. Hitching a ride back to New York State on the Wakandan vessel, Cap's crew meets up with Diamondback at a gas station where she managed to just barely escape to with an unconscious Sidewinder. Despite the lack of trust all around, Cap agrees to help Diamondback rescue her comrades, assigning Vagabond the task of getting Sidewinder to the hospital.

At Serpent Citadel, Viper is in the process of coercing the Serpent Society to turn their loyalties to her. Much of the team accepts the deal with little to no resistance. Bushmaster and Black Mamba refuse and get poisoned by Viper's bite for their conviction. Black Racer is sent to search nearby hospitals to finish off the escaped Sidewinder while the rest of Viper's squad works to load canisters into Serpent Saucers as part of her "Eden Project". When Diamondback leads Cap's team to the base, a battle ensues at the loading docks while Cap and Diamondback forge ahead to confront Viper at the holding cells, where Asp and Cottonmouth are next on the block to be tortured into switching sides. Diamondback starts to free Cottonmouth only to get attacked because he already made the choice to defect. Asp remained loyal and was poisoned as well, but she makes sure Black Mamba and Bushmaster get the antitoxin before her.

Black Racer catches up with Sidewinder's ambulance while it's still on the way to the hospital, but Vagabond manages to wrestle her away from the assassination attempt. During the battle at Serpent Citadel, Nomad notices D-Man in dire straits against Slither and fights the temptation to let him get killed, opting instead to show him up by saving him. In the end, Viper gets away and her plan is able to proceed, but Cap's team manages to capture the Citadel and some of her flunkies.

Solicit Synopsis

The Black Panther's got a gift for the new Cap: a new shield! And when Cap uses the shield to go after the guys invading the Serpent Society's headquarters, well, everybody had better watch out!


  • This issue contains a letters page: American Graffiti. Letters are published from: Stephen Nunet, Dale Lee Philbrick, Jr., Stephen Cade, Bill Climer, Brian Edgar, and Charles Novinskie.

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