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Quote1 Why does the Commission have it in for me so badly? Quote2
The Captain

Appearing in "Surrender"

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Synopsis for "Surrender"

The Captain parts ways with Falcon, who has urgent affairs to attend in Harlem. Steve remains behind in Washington DC until he can find out what happened to the rest of his allies after Viper's attack. What he doesn't know is that they've been picked up by the Commission and are being held as bait for him. Fortunately, Sidewinder has recovered from his poisoning and teleports into the holding cells with Vagabond to pay back the favor. D-Man thinks the right thing to do is to stay behind and wait for the wheels of justice to do their work, and Vagabond agrees. Nomad is fed up with D-Man's goody-two-shoes act and with his girlfriend siding with him so he angrily abandons them both to escape with Sidewinder and Diamondback. Later, Nomad gets drunk and gets in touch with Cap to relay everything that happened. When Cap says he intends to turn himself in to the Commission to solve the problem, Nomad blows him off as well, disappointed that he's not going in there to bust heads. However, when Steve arrives in front of the Commission and Commissioner Rockwell begins listing off his trumped up charges while grinning with villainous glee, he starts to wonder if everyone else had a point that maybe the Commission should have been treated like bad guys.

Meanwhile, the Commission's Captain America and Battlestar had been tasked with hunting Steve down, but when Walker finds out on the news that his parents have been kidnapped by the Watchdogs in the wake of his secret identity being leaked, he disobeys orders to go after them while Battlestar covers for him. He plays along with the Watchdogs' demands, allowing them to take his shield and blindfold them as they take him to a barn to lynch him in front of his hostage parents. When he feels he can't stall any more, he breaks free and starts fighting the Watchdogs, trying to draw their fire as best he can. Sadly, he isn't fast enough to stop his parents from getting gunned down. At that point, Walker snaps and goes berserk, killing every last one of the Watchdogs before breaking down over his parents' bodies.

Solicit Synopsis

When the Watchdogs kidnap Captain America's parents, he sets out to rescue them — even if he has to kill the Watchdogs to do it! Meanwhile, the Captain surrenders to the commission that stripped him of his name and costume!


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from: Jonathan L. Rairdaen, Stephen Duang, John Mickevich, Todd Bissell, and Fred Gouldon.
  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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