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Quote1.png Tell your son Hector the next time I see him he is a dead man. Quote2.png
John Walker (Captain America)

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Synopsis for "Revenge"

The Commission argues about what to do with Captain America as Walker is proving to be a loose cannon. Rockwell is missing from the meeting as he's dealing with his own problems. Steve Rogers is in custody, but Rockwell's needlessly vindictive attitude hasn't escaped his notice. Rockwell confers with his shadowy superior about suspicions mounting on him, but receives little help. The shadowy figure is instead invested in orchestrating the breakout and subsequent assassination of the Red Skull imitator Albert Malik by his agent, an imitator of the Scourge of the Underworld.

While Battlestar takes his GED exam, Captain America is out on a personal mission to pay back Right-Winger and Left-Winger for getting his parents killed by revealing his secret identity. John heads to each of their parents with a threatening message to deliver to their sons. The messages get back to Jerome and Hector, who are hardly remorseful for their part in what happened. It was their manager, Ethan's idea to get back at Walker for ditching them for the Government job in the first place. They all head out to the oil refinery where Jerome's father works, the next parent they expect Walker to threaten, and find him there to intercept him. The Wingers expect to have the upper hand fighting Cap two-on-one, but as soon as he sees them, Walker's grim demeanor transforms into that of a maniac killing machine. He endures their blows and outmaneuvers them until he's able to beat them into submission. When he finally has them begging for their lives, he ties them up next to an oil tank with one of their torch blades on the ground heating the tank and mockingly hands them the other torch blade as a chance to free themselves. As he walks away, they scramble to cut the ropes, but they don't have nearly enough time before the tank explodes. For a moment, Walker smiles in satisfaction before remembering that nothing has changed and he sinks back into despair.

Solicit Synopsis

When Right-Winger and Left-Winger exposed the new Captain America's secret identity, they caused the death of his parents! So now, the new Cap is looking for Right-Winger and Left-Winger, and he's planning to make them pay!


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from: David Pitts, Randall W. Scott, William Mezzano, Iggy McCullough, and W.K. Lowther.
  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]


In this issue costumes of Right-Winger and Left-Winger are swapped

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #347 [1]


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