Quote1.png I believe America to be a weak, morally bankrupt country whose underpinning is being eaten away. It is my goal to speed up that process. Quote2.png
-- Red Skull

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Synopsis for "Grand Stand Play"

The exciting conclusion to 'Streets of Poison' with Kingpin vs. Red Skull.

In the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, the Red Skull and Kingpin are attempting to forge an alliance. However, Kingpin said that as an American businessman, he could not tolerate Nazism. Red Skull challenged Kingpin to a contest: if the former won, he would get to stay in New York City and sell his drugs without interference from the latter; if the latter won, the former would leave New York City and leave his drug business in the latter. Kingpin agreed to Red Skull's terms and the two prepared to fight, by stripping down to nothing but their undergarments. The two villains then began to fight.

Meanwhile, in the Avengers Headquarters, Diamondback ran to John Jameson and Hank Pym to tell them that Captain America was gone. While, Red Skull and Kingpin continued to fight, Crossbones, who was present at the fight, learned of Captain America's presence and went to confront him. Captain America had defeated Crossbones and Kingpin had defeated Red Skull. As agreed upon, Red Skull left New York behind and his drug operation in the hands of the Kingpin. As soon as Red Skull left, Captain America appeared before the Kingpin, who insisted that New York owed him "a debt of gratitude" after defeating the Nazi.

Later that night, Cap returned to the Avengers Headquarters where Rachel, John, and Hank were happy to see him.

Appearing in "Grave Concerns"

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Synopsis for "Grave Concerns"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This is the final chapter of the story arc: Streets of Poison.
  • This issue contains a letters page, American Grafitti. Letters are published from: Faiz Rehman, John Graham, and Daniel H. Bigelow.
  • The first story is reprinted in the trade paperback Captain America: Streets of Poison.

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