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Appearing in "Pageant of Power"

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Synopsis for "Pageant of Power"

Paladin unties himself and shoots Moonstone. Blackbird swoops down to check on Moonstone, but the recovered Captain America grabs Blackbird's foot. Blackbird tries to escape, but can't shake Cap off. Meanwhile, Quicksand has defeated Anaconda and Diamondback's absence is noticed. Dr. Nightshade sends Ion out to find her. Diamondback is returned to the S.S. Superia where Asp and Black Mamba are determined to learn what happened. Cap defeats Blackbird, and Vision arrives in a Quinjet, Vision takes Blackbird and Moonstone away while Cap and Paladin take a sky-cycle to the S.S. Superia. Diamondback recovers, but badly shaken by her experience, swears off her life of adventure. Cap and Paladin infiltrate the S.S. Superia during the Power Pageant, where the various super powered women demonstrate their powers for each other. The men are noticed and the army of women attack.

Appearing in "Kidnapped"

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Synopsis for "Kidnapped"

The Red Skull has been kidnapped by Hauptmann Deutschland and his team, to stand trial in Germany. The Skull's minions follow a tracer on the Skull's body, but the Hauptmann knows about the signal and gets ready to capture the Skull's minions too.


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from: Howard T. Kidd, Peter Tremenz, Todd A. Velchek, Bradford R. Poston, and Kristopher Mosby.
  • Vormund presents himself as Hauptmann Deutschland (Captain Germany) in this issue (his first appearance in costume).

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