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Appearing in "Superia Unbound"

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Synopsis for "Superia Unbound"

With her Sterility Seed rockets launching into orbit, Superia leaves Captain America to deal with four of her Femizons; Arclight, Bombshell, Mysteria and Wrangler. As Cap fights them off, Asp and Paladin find Diamondback; as they escape, four more Femizons: Ferocia, Ice Princess, Iron Maiden and Whiteout fail at defeating them. Emerging victorious, Cap has Black Mamba use her power in a new way to disguise him as Superia. He infiltrates the command center and gets a message out to Peggy Carter. Superia discovers Cap's deceit and Cap quickly takes their battle outside. Cap provokes Superia into firing an energy blast that disrupts Femizonia's protective barrier; Superia retreats to deactivate her Sterility Rockets. Shortly, Cap meets with Black Mamba, Asp, Paladin and Diamondback and the group commandeers one of Superia's boats to escape, and Vision picks them up in an Avengers Quinjet. Cap learns that Quasar has harmlessly hauled the Sterility Seeds rockets to Uranus.


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from: Danny DeAngelo, Derrick Fannin, Dennis F. Tucker, and Rol Hirst.

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