Quote1 Crossbones, you're fired. Get out of my sight at once. Quote2
-- Red Skull

Appearing in "The Crimson Crusade"

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Synopsis for "The Crimson Crusade"

Captain America finds the apparent bodies of Crossbones and Mother Night. Hauptmann Deutschland and Cap tell Derek Freeman what they know while the bodies are taken to the morgue. Meanwhile at his Rocky Mountain hideaway, Red Skull gloats at his subterfuge. The Skull holds a meeting with his Division Chiefs who update him on their recent activities. Red Skull kills his Scourge for failing to kill Gamecock, Shocker and Steel Wind. Cap returns to Avengers Mansion where Rachel asks to join the Avengers Staff, possibly as Cap's executive secretary. Red Skull orders his Skeleton Crew to break Viper from federal custody; when Crossbones questions him the Skull fires Crossbones. Later, Cap works out with Sersi and Quasar before Bernie Rosenthal arrives to tell Cap she got a job as a lawyer. Cap introduces Bernie to Rachel. The Sweat Shop breaks Viper out of prison and presents her to Red Skull.

Appearing in "The Face of Fear"

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Synopsis for "The Face of Fear"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

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