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Quote1.png It's not a good idea for us to split up, Iron Man. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Twenty Million Light Years from Earth"

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Synopsis for "Twenty Million Light Years from Earth"

On Hala, Shatterax hands the captive Avengers over to Ronan the Accuser. Following Captain America's cue, Sersi disguises the Avengers as Kree Accusers in a flash of light and claim the Avengers escaped. The Avengers retreat to a rest room and Iron Man demands to be returned to his original state. Without explaining that his armor is also his life support, he breaks from the group to fly reconnaissance solo, but Goliath insists on going with him. Meanwhile, Supremor meets with Shatterax. Korath and Ultimus with a plan to restore the Supreme Intelligence as leader of the Kree. Iron Man tells the Avengers to meet him at the government building, so they commandeer a flying billboard to get there. Korath spots them and attacks, but Cap quickly defeats him.

Appearing in "Cross to Bear"

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  • Mudsharks (a gang)

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Synopsis for "Cross to Bear"

  • Synopsis not yet written


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from: Scott E. Haley, Bradford R. Poston, Dan Jennings, Michael Prichard, Jack gilreath, and Charles S. Novinskie.

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