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Appearing in "Lord of the Wolves"

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Synopsis for "Lord of the Wolves"

Dredmund turns into Starwolf, a cosmically-powered werewolf, and orders the Starkesboro werewolves to attack Capwolf. Capwolf's werewolf allies arrive and fight the Starkesboro werewolves, while Capwolf frees the chained Dr. Druid. Cable finds Feral outside Starkesboro and tranquilizes her. Cable investigates, finding the fracas in progress between Starwolf, Capwolf, and the werewolves. Capwolf stops Cable from slaughtering all the innocent wolves, inadvertently allowing Starwolf to capture them both. Man-Wolf takes the unconscious Dr. Druid to Dr. Nightshade's lab. He turns Nightshade into a werewolf to force her to find an antidote. Moonhunter frees himself and Wolverine. When they enter Nightshade's lab, a partially healed Dr. Druid wakes up and removes Dredmund's hypnosis over them. Joining the fight, they allow Capwolf to get close enough to Starwolf to rip the moonstone from his throat. Cable crushes the moonstone, reverting Dredmund to normal.

Appearing in "Uncut Diamonds"

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Synopsis for "Uncut Diamonds"

The Skeleton Crew bring Crossbones and Diamondback to the Red Skull. He has them unmasked to prove their identities, then has a private talk with Crossbones. Jack O'Lantern shoves Diamondback into a holding cell. Cutthroat threatens him against hurting her again. Later that night, Cutthroat reveals to Diamondback that he is her long-lost brother.


  • The last sequence of this issue is a one page pin-up of Captain America by Frank Miller and Bob Wiacek. There is also some dialogue written by Ralph Macchio who will no longer be editor for this title.

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