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Quote1 Crossbones, I have decided to let you rejoin my Skeleton Crew on a probationary basis. Quote2
Red Skull (Johann Shmidt)

Appearing in "Blood and Diamonds"

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Synopsis for "Blood and Diamonds"

With Dr. Druid's help. Captain America and Falcon determine that Diamondback is held captive by Crossbones in the Rocky Mountains. At Red Skull's chalet, Diamondback struggles to escape her cell while Red Skull confronts Crossbones over Cutthroat's demise. Mother Night admits to Machinesmith that she had been cheating on Skull with Cutthroat. Later, Skull explains his plans for Diamondback to the Skeleton Crew. When Mother Night attempts to fetch Diamondback from her cell, Rachel defeats the villainess and dons her costume. Taking Blackwing by surprise, Diamondback confiscates his glider and escapes. Crossbones and Jack O'Lantern quickly recapture Diamondback, but not before Cap and Falcon pick up her distress signal. Meanwhile, Dennis finds an underground city. Twenty miles from the Skull's chalet, Dr. Benway prepares Diamondback for a transfusion of Cap's super-soldier serum blood. Suddenly, Cap and Falcon attack.


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from: Peter B. Shank, Bradford R. Poston, Joey Marchese, Dan Wentzel, and Dolores Banks.

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