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Appearing in "Diamonds Are For Vengeance"

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Synopsis for "Diamonds Are For Vengeance"

Captain America battles Crossbones while Falcon chases Jack 0' Lantern. Dr. Benway calls for reinforcements and Blackwing and Mother Night respond from their approaching jet-copter. Meanwhile, beneath the Central Park lagoon, Dennis enters Zerotown, where he is taken to Brother Wonderful. Angered at not receiving answers to his questions, Wonderful threatens the mute Dennis. The 4th Sleeper attacks Moonhunter in Cap's jet, and Blackwing aids Crossbones against Cap. Diamondback escapes from the barracks and tries to help Cap, but Mother Night interferes. Enraged, Diamondback knocks out Mother Night and attempts to strangle Crossbones. Before Cap can break them up, Blackwing knocks Cap off the ledge. Returning with the defeated Jack 0' Lantern, Falcon rescues Cap. Moonhunter dislodges the Sleeper by swiping the jet-copter, sending the copter crashing into the barracks. Shrapnel from the explosion injures Crossbones, ending the fight. As the Skeleton Crew is taken into custody, Cap and Rachel are finally reunited.

Solicit Synopsis

The new and improved Diamondback settles her old score against Crossbones in the final installment of the three-part Diamondback/Crossbones/Skeleton Crew story line. And there's a big change in Cap's life when the Falcon once again becomes his regular partner.


  • This issue contains a letters page, American Graffiti. Letters are published from Michael D. Krabbenholt, Olav Beemer, Mason Fedrick, Robert Ponterris, and Andrew Aldridge.

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