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Quote1.png If you keep up your curent high level of adrenaline activity, you will experience total muscular paralysis in about a year. Quote2.png
Keith Kincaid

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Book 1: Super Patriot Games"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Book 1: Super Patriot Games"

Captain America has been experiencing unusual fatigue, and according to the medical prognosis his super-soldier serum is turning against him. Doctor Kincaid tells him that his continued level of physical activity will result in total paralysis in about a year, facing Steve with the choice of either retiring from superheroing immediately, or operating for one more year at a severe risk to himself.

Meanwhile, a new Super-Patriot has teamed up with a man with the power to mimic dead supervillains in a plot to smear Captain America. First they stage a reckless battle between "Cap" and "Porcupine" in a public place and then when the real Captain America attempts to clear himself at a press conference at Avengers Mansion, they have "Mirage" trick Cap into attacking the crowd with illusions so Super-Patriot can step in to save the day. Though the Avengers can figure out what's happening, both of their enemies escape before they can secure any proof. With both his health and reputation facing unprecedented threats, Steve wonders if he's getting into a battle he can win.

Appearing in "Captain America's Brooklyn Heights Headquarters"

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Synopsis for "Captain America's Brooklyn Heights Headquarters"

A cutaway and floor plan of Cap's new home.


  • This issue has a special indented, card-stock cover.
  • This issue has two one page pin-ups from artist Dave Hoover: One is of Captain America and Diamondback, the other is Captain America and the Red Skull.
  • This issue also has a one page pin-up of Captain America by the artist Alex Maleev.
  • This issue also contains a two page diagram of Captain America's new headquarters of Rokatanksi & Co. in Brooklyn Heights.
  • Dave Hoover debuts this issue as the new artist on this title.
  • This issue contains a two page letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". Letters are published from: David Peattie, Dennis G. Parker, Ben Herman, Captain David Belt, Ian Watson, and Olav Beemer.

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