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-- Captain America

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Book 3: Enemy Fire"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Book 3: Enemy Fire"

Super-Patriot and Dead Ringer continue to stage reckless fights between Captain America and fallen super criminals, but they're always long gone from the scene before the real Cap can reach the scene. Steve calls in Quicksilver for help in catching up to them.

Meanwhile, Rachel meets with Bernie at her office for legal advice, but they're briefly interrupted by Bernie's ex-husband barging in trying to get her to take him back with no success. A little later, a despondent Super-Patriot hatches a plot to have Dead Ringer abduct Bernie so he can show up Captain America by "rescuing" her. Rachel is escorting Bernie home at the time since her ex's earlier performance put them both on edge. As Blackout, Dead Ringer ends up grabbing them both, not realizing who Rachel is since she's in her civvies. This gives Rachel the chance to get the drop on him as Diamondback once he takes them back to his parking garage hideout. At the same time, Super-Patriot calls in the tip to Captain America, not counting on Quicksilver to be the one to arrive mere seconds later. "Blackout" goes down, but he quickly switches to the form of Bluestreak to recover and meet Quicksilver on his own terms. The two of them disappear outside the building to duel at super-speed.

Realizing his plans are shot, Super-Patriot steps out to meet Diamondback and Bernie, acting like the concerned passerby. Rachel isn't buying it, especially since he didn't notice he came out carrying the replica of Captain America's shield he'd been using to impersonate him. Bernie also recognizes his voice as soon as he starts talking. He knocks Diamondback out, but is reluctant to threaten Bernie. Just then, Captain America crashes a motorcycle through the wall of the garage, which starts a fire as he begins to confront his doppelganger. As Bernie drags Diamondback outside, the fire leads to a collapsing support beam falling on Super-Patriot, which Cap overexerts himself trying to lift. Quicksilver, having defeated "Bluestreak", returns in time to get the nearly immobile Cap out to safety, but Super-Patriot's fate within the blaze remains uncertain.


  • Captain America rides a motorcycle in this issue, but it is missing its normal red, white and blue distinctive markings.
  • The plot of this issue unsubtly alludes that the secret identity of Super-Patriot is Bernie's ex, Sammy. This will turn out to be a red herring. His actual identity will be revealed when he turns up next in Captain America #439.

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