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Quote1 I'm not sure you've ever met anyone as relentless as Americop. Quote2
Captain America

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Book 6: Cop Out"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Book 6: Cop Out"

As Captain America clashes with Americop over how to handle the hostage situation, Diamondback uses the distraction to break free and slips away. Damon Dran orders his men to deploy gas grenades while he draws Cop's fire with his indestructible body until the gunman passes out. Cap tries to hold his breath and escape with Moonhunter, but suffers from his lowered stamina and collapses. Soon, Cap, Cop, and Zack are all chained up for Dran's interrogation. Americop proudly volunteers his backstory as a disillusioned former police officer that launched his personal war on crime to stop criminals from slipping through the cracks in the system. When he mentions that he came to the mansion investigating a child theft ring, Dran admits that he had been providing children to a certain foreign client. Satisfied for the moment, Dran leaves his thugs to beat on the prisoners for a while. When they finally leave too, Americop calls on his hidden strength reserves to break free of his bonds and heads out to arm himself and get his payback. Besides worrying about the people Cop is going to kill, Cap is somewhat envious that his condition means he can no longer free himself with the same feat. When Golddigger arrives to find Americop escaped, Cap tries to bargain with her to get free and stop him, but despite her mounting fear at the sound of the massacre outside, she rejects him and heads off to find protection with Dran.

Meanwhile, Diamondback makes it outside and finds Cap's sky-cycle while evading Dran's search party. She puts in a call to the Avengers and Black Widow soon arrives to back her up. They take advantage of Americop's rampage to slip back into the mansion and free Cap and Moonhunter. Inwardly bitter over having to be rescued, Steve doesn't afford Rachel a word of thanks as he rushes off with Widow to find Americop. They find him taking aim at the helicopter that Dran is boarding to escape along with Golddigger. Rachel arrives in time to pass Cap his shield, and he throws it at Cop in attempt to stop him, but with his failing strength, the shield lands harmlessly at the target's feet. Americop blasts the helicopter out of the sky and leaves with his job done.

Dran emerges unharmed from the crash, but is not happy to be emerging with all his henchmen dead, no escape route, and his old adversary the Black Widow standing over him mockingly. Moonhunter reports to Cap that the mansion had no sign of the missing children, but plenty of other evidence to bust Dran on. Cap doesn't even hear it as he reflects on how useless he had been.

Appearing in "Coming Soon"

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Synopsis for "Coming Soon"

A one page pin-up flashing back to the "Streets of Poison" storyline.


  • Americop reveals his real name is Bart Gallows. The name combined with his personality and methodology implies he's a potential ancestor of Jake Gallows, the Punisher of 2099.
  • Damon Dran's client and the fate of the missing children are revealed in the next issue.
  • Golddigger's fate at the end is unclear. It's implied she was on the helicopter when Americop shot it down and would most likely be killed as a result. Regardless, she turns up again alive in Avengers: Solo #2.

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