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Steven Rogers (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Book 7: The Next Generation"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Book 7: The Next Generation"

With his condition worsening, Steve commissions Fabian to make him a tactical vest in hopes that some extra gear will help him in emergencies. Rachel meets with Bernie to discuss how to turn herself in with the confirmation that she killed Snapdragon, but Bernie points out that since the remains were cremated and the crime happened outside American jurisdiction on AIM Island, there wouldn't be a fair way to entrust her fate to the system. When Rachel despairs over her inability to atone, Bernie reccommends therapy as an alternative to the legal self-sacrifice she had been pursuing. It doesn't help much that Rachel is feeling looked down upon by other Avengers and that Steve acted resentful when she saved him in the last adventure. Later on, she tries to break up with Steve over these issues, but he does his best to talk her out of it, apologizing for his inappropriate response earlier.

Steve gets the excuse to postpone the talk when he gets news from the Vision following up on the missing children case they found out about at Dran's mansion. Cap insists Diamondback accompany him on the mission to the Mexican castle of Baron Zemo, where they're quickly overwhelmed by the plastoid security forces and brought before Helmut and his wife, Heike. Zemo is unmasked, his face apparently healed since their last encounter. Zemo smugly admits to his captives that he "adopted" the 25 missing children and invites them into the throne room, where the kids shower affection to their "parents" and pull guns on the hated Captain America.

Meanwhile at a midwestern college, a weak and timid student named Cathy Webster is convinced to take part in an experimental performance enhancing procedure that supposedly involves only subliminal actualization messages administered in her sleep to unlock the potential of her mind's harmony with the body. Unbeknownst to Cathy, the process also involves being blasted by strange radiation and an extra anti-male message in her subliminal treatments courtesy of the project's director, Dr. Deidre Wentworth. Cathy soon finds herself to be stronger, faster, and more outgoing, and is inspired by Wentworth to don a patriotic costume and invade a frat party to beat up the men there. Cathy stops when she notices the invasive thoughts echoing in her head and rushes back to Wentworth's lab only to find it abandoned save for a tape recording ot the man-hating mantra that was meant to brainwash her. Vowing that her mind will remain her own, Cathy swears to get back at Wentworth as the Free Spirit.


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