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Quote1.png You are nothing but predictable in your opposition to me and everything my family his stood for! Quote2.png
Helmut Zemo

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Book 8: Baron Ground"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Book 8: Baron Ground"

Captain America shoves Diamondback outside Zemo's throne room just as the gate is sealed and the gun-wielding children open fire. Cap takes defensive measures, but it turns out the threat was in jest and the kids were firing blanks. Zemo mocks the Captain some more, claiming all the children were saved from broken and abusive homes and are being treated with love and care as part of their new family, but Cap isn't buying it. Zemo finishes up by dropping Cap through a trap door. As the Baroness heads off to an appointment and the kinder are sent off to their schooling, Helmut goes to his control room to check on his prisoner, but Cap is nowhere to be seen. through the camera in his cell. When plastoid guards are sent to investigate, Cap, hanging to the ceiling of his cell next to the trap door with the help of his grappling hook, leaps back out and fights off the guards with exploding bola capsules from his pouches. His new gear carries him for a while, but with his reflexes and stamina still impaired, it's only a matter of time before a plastoid gets the drop on him, absorbing him into its body as a living restraint.

Meanwhile, Diamondback is similarly captured elsewhere in the castle. She manages to deploy an acid cap diamond to disable the plastoid's leg, but that just leaves her still stuck inside it on the ground. Fortunately, she's discovered by Free Spirit, who came to and infiltrated the castle tracking Wentworth after finding out about her brainwashing attempt. Spirit frees Diamond and together they search the castle until they find Wentworth, who had been meeting with the Baroness about the female enhancement process she developed. Diamondback recognizes Wentworth as Superia.

After recapturing Captain America, Helmut checks in on his wife's meeting from the control room, but grows suspicious when he finds the listening devices had been disabled. He moves to eavesdrop directly through the castle's hidden passageways and is shocked to overhear Heike sell him out to Superia's extreme anti-male agenda. She dismisses him for his loss of ambition since starting a family and suggests he's only valuable for domestic chores. Feeling betrayed, Zemo goes to the classroom to tell his children that their "mother" might be going away for a while and comes close to taking his anger out on one of them when they notice his face starting to come apart.

Zemo also confronts the captive Captain America one more time, offhandedly seeking inspiration on how to deal with betrayal by the woman he loves before condemning him to death by immersion in Adhesive X. When alone with the plastoids and just before being thrown into the vat, Cap desperately tosses one last capsule he palmed earlier which thankfully releases a chemical that causes the plastoid holding him to turn brittle and break. Cap starts to take off with his grappling hook just as the other plastoids merge into one giant foe. Once again at the worst possible time, Cap's paralysis starts to take hold.

Appearing in "The Ultimate Trading Card"

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Synopsis for "The Ultimate Trading Card"

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  • Heike claims to Superia that her original backstory as Heinrich Zemo reborn in a new body was just a fabricated cover story and Superia suggests that's important because her enhancement procedure is only effective on "women in mind as well as body". Whether this is true or just to placate Superia's prejudice is never made clear. The Baroness originally appeared in Spider-Man: Fear Itself.
  • In the previous issue, Baron Zemo claimed his face was healed. In this issue, it's revealed he is just wearing a lifelike mask to cover his disfigurement and the mask is starting to lose cohesion.
  • "The Ultimate Trading Card" is a comic book advertisement insert produced by Marvel in collaboration with NFL Properties Inc.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". Letters are published from: J. David Clarke, Delores Banks, Ben Herman, and Daniel H. Bigelow.

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