Quote1.png Diamondback, listen to me. Your relationship with Captain America is fiction. Quote2.png
-- Superia

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Book 9: Diamonds Aren't Forever!"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Book 9: Diamonds Aren't Forever!"

As the plastmonster climbs over the vat of Adhesive X, Captain America releases an explosive capsule into the vat, which temporarily disables the conglomerate construct with the splashing chemical, giving Cap a chance to escape. Elsewhere, Diamondback and Free Spirit are about to confront the Baroness and Superia when the villainous women fall through a trap door set by Baron Zemo. The heroines split up to search for them and Spirit soon runs into Captain America. After quick introductions, they team up to take on the pursuing plastmonster. They're both nearly captured, but with Spirit's arms free, Cap directs her to take one of his capsules to break the plastoid's arm holding her, allowing her to get away.

In Zemo's dungeon, the Baron interrogates his wife about her plan to betray him to Superia. Despite the disabled surveillance, she convinces him that she was only telling Superia what she wanted to hear to gain access to her physical enhancement process for the sake of the children. Satisfied and inspired, Helmut frees her, dons his usual mask, and gathers the children so his whole family can watch as he finally executes Captain America. As soon as they leave the dungeon, Diamondback sneaks in hoping to rescue Cap, but finds only the bound Superia. Diamond is about to just leave her there, but Superia does her best to plead her case. When it doesn't work to suggest that killing Snapdragon means Rachel owes her the service remaining on that contract, or that her relationship with Captain America could never work out because of their contrasting images, Superia finally piques her interest by offering a cure for Cap's failing Super Soldier formula. Diamondback set Superia free and makes a deal that she'll work for her for six months at which point if she delivers the cure then she'll fulfill the rest of Snapdragon's four year term. Since Rachel had been already been looking for a way to leave Cap and pay for her sins, she's secretly somewhat satisfied the opportunity came along. She ends up starting her service right away when Free Spirit catches up to them to finally confront Superia for trying to brainwash her. When Spirit attacks, Diamondback knocks her out from behind so she and Superia can leave together. Diamond does this instead of rescuing Cap, but she recalls how bitter he was the last time she lent a hand.

In the Adhesive X vat chamber, Zemo's grand show of bringing and end to his arch nemesis goes remarkably poorly. While being thrown into the vat, Captain America uses his cable gun to grapple upwards just in time to scoop a handful of chemical and toss it at Zemo's gun, which splashes some into Zemo's face, forcing him to pull off his mask and reveal his disfigurement to his horrified children for the first time. Zemo orders the plastoid to attack, but since its target is swinging over the vat, it just destroys itself lunging over the edge and falling into the chemical. When Cap lands on the balcony with the Zemo family, Helmut clumsily reels back and topples over the railing, leading to his further humiliation by Cap catching him by the wrist in attempt to save him. Then Heike, seemlingly not thinking things through, fires her gun at Cap, grazing his arm and forcing him to drop Helmut into the vat. The grief-stricken Baroness then dives into the vat after her husband. With both their adopted parents suddenly lost, the children stare in dumbfounded shock and Captain America isn't faring much better.


  • When Diamondback and Free Spirit first spot Baroness and Superia at the end of the previous issue, Baroness is wearing a variant of the Zemo hood that covers her hair and Superia is in a business suit. At the beginning of this issue, the same scene is replayed but Baroness' hair is uncovered by her headdress and Superia is wearing a version of her regular costume.
  • If Helmut and Heike's demise at the end seems recklessly suicidal, it's because it was a feint to access an escape route inside the vat of Adhesive X. Captain America realizes this and captures them at the beginning of the next issue.

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