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Quote1.png Cap has to be told to stop all activity at once and come in for treatment. Quote2.png
Henry Pym

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Book 11: Snake, Battle, and Toll"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Book 11: Snake, Battle, and Toll"

Since the success in the heist at Hyde's, Cobra has Jack Flag wear his costume, saying he's looking for a successor. Jack goes along with the ensuing initiation brawl, as it seems his plan to infiltrate the Serpent Society is working. It turns out Hyde wasn't defeated, but just let Jack get away to see where he went and confirmed that Cobra was the one that put him up to it. Hyde breaks into the Serpents' Sandhaven Estate and easily beats Adder and Anaconda to make it through and confront their leader. Despite their long-running animosity, Cobra calms Hyde down by offering him to partake in the luxury of the poolside getaway, claiming that he misses their old partnership. Hyde isn't as wistful for the old days, but agrees to take a load off nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Captain America gets Jack's message about Serpent Society activity in Arizona and heads out with Moonhunter and Free Spirit wondering if Diamondback disappeared to get back with the Society. He orders Free Spirit to head back with the ship while he goes in alone, but when they receive a message from Hank Pym attempting to call Cap back for treatment, Spirit has Zack take her back to help him since she knows about the seriousness of his condition. At Sandhaven, Cap finds the hole Hyde made to break in when he's jumped by Jack in Cobra's costume. Jack whispers to Cap who he really is and suggests they make a convincing fight in case the Serpents are watching. With his diminished stamina, Cap has a hard time even making his side of the fight convincing before he's captured, and considering the tactical gear additions to his outfit, it leaves Cobra and Hyde doubtful it's even the real Captain America.

When Free Spirit arrives, she first runs into and defeats Coachwhip, allowing her to disguise herself in the Serpent's costume and get the drop on the others before they can execute Cap. Since she's outnumbered, Jack is compelled to drop his own cover and help her. To get away from them, Cobra has Cap flushed through a hidden escape tunnel beneath the swimming pool and leaps in after him with Hyde, leaving Jack and Spirit to face down the rest of the Serpent Society.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". Letters are published from: Olav Beemer, Don Ice, Jr., Russell Cardenal, and Christina Russo.

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