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Appearing in "Fighting Chance Finale: Everybody Hurts Sometime"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance Finale: Everybody Hurts Sometime"

Surrounded by the Serpent Society, Jack Flag and Free Spirit combine their skills and enhanced agility to break free and lead the snakes on a chase through the compound. When they shed their respective disguises, they're impressed to see they're sharing the red, white, and blue motif. They spot an Avengers Quinjet landing nearby, and are soon joined by Hank Pym, who flew in with Dr. Kincaid to bring Captain America in for treatment.

Cap, meanwhile, is ejected into the desert from the drainpipe connected to the Serpents' pool. King Cobra and Mr. Hyde are quickly upon him and he needs to pull out all the stops to beat them before his stamina runs out. When Hyde sends him flying with a punch, his paralysis takes hold and he resorts to activating his vest's automated emergency mode. An airbag emerges to block Hyde's finishing blow and bursts to release knockout gas. When Cobra steps in, a metal foil springs forth to wrap him up. Even with his aggressors incapacitated, Cap isn't out of danger as he notices his paralysis isn't recovering and his heart feels like it's giving out. He passes out, cursing his disablity. As he lies in the desert filled with regrets, he has a vision of Death in the guise of Lady Liberty and of Bucky telling him to let go.

When Pym finally finds Cap an hour later, he's still barely alive undergoing cardiac arrest, but it looks like it may end up being too late for him one way or another.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". Letters are published from Ramon Schenk, Mark Burrier, Gordon Sharman, and Olav Beemer.

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