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Quote1.png I can't surrender. I don't know how! Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Fighting Chance, Epilogue: If I Should Die Before I Wake"

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Synopsis for "Fighting Chance, Epilogue: If I Should Die Before I Wake"

Captain America clings to life in a coma. He has dreams of past adventures with Bucky Barnes as well as some of his most memorable battles with the Red Skull. Thanks in part to Iron Man entering into his subconsciousness as well as Cap's will not to surrender, Cap decides to live. He awakes at Avengers Mansion paralyzed from the neck down. In Arizona, Free Spirit, Jack Flag, and Force Works make short work of the Serpent Society.


  • The image of Iron Man that appears in Captain America's mind to rescue him is wearing his Iron Man Armor Model 2, the same armor Stark was wearing when they first met in Avengers #4.
  • Iron Man confesses to Hank Pym that Cap previously confided his condition in Iron Man #303.
  • Iron Man #314 follows this issue. Iron Man and Pym work together to give Captain America a cybernetic implant that will help restore his mobility.
  • This issue also contains a letters page, "Let's Rap with Cap". Letters are published from Eric Suesa and Shawn Evans. This issue also contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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