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Synopsis for "The Bombs Bursting In Air"

With his body completely incapacitated, Captain America is outfitted with cybernetic implants and a flying suit of armor care of Tony Stark and Hank Pym. He finds that the feel (or lack thereof) of fighting in the armor doesn't fit with his style, but the sheer power and high-tech arsenal makes up for it enough to finish what he started. Even with the enhancements, nothing can save him the next time his heart gives out and he fights on to make the best of what little time he has left.

His first mission takes him to Washington D.C., where Flag Smasher and his ULTIMATUM have prepared a major terrorist attack on Capitol Hill and abducted a member of the Captain America Hotline to lure their nemesis into a final confrontation. The Hotline message is also intercepted by Free Spirit and Jack Flag just as they're getting picked up by Moonhunter. Their group clashes with ULTIMATUM in the skies over Washington and wonders if it's Iron Man they see flying in to help. Flag Smasher isn't prepared for the new, mechanized Captain America, and he's quickly backed into a corner. As a last resort, Flag Smasher activates a self-destruct device in his belt and Cap has barely enough time to escape with the hostage.

Later back at Brooklyn Heights, Cap gathers his crew, including Fabian, Zack, Arnie, Free Spirit, and Jack Flag, and levels with them about his condition and his intentions to settle accounts with his remaining time. Most of them don't know what to say, but Arnie meets with Cap alone afterwards to say he knows what he's going through, as he's been diagnosed with bone cancer and also has less than a year to live. The two old friends share a hug.

In Brooklyn, Bernie Rosenthal visits a decrepit apartment building she found with the help of a private investigator, looking for someone thought to have perished in a certain fire. As soon as she knocks, she's pulled inside by its inhabitant.


  • Iron Man and Hank Pym implant Captain America's neural receptors in Iron Man #314.
  • Flag Smasher appears to die here in a suicide explosion, but it's noted that it's not possible to identify the remains. He somehow survives and next appears in Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 2) #3.

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