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Synopsis for "O'er the Ramparts We Watched"

Captain America is unofficially coordinating with SHIELD plotting a major operation when he gets a call from the Falcon, who has been chasing someone who appears to be the late Nighthawk across the skies of Harlem. When Cap meets up and explains the situation with his armor, Falcon quickly loses focus on his earlier problem as he's overwhelmed with concern for his former partner. Cap thinks the Nighthawk impostor is Dead Ringer, and he's right. Dead Ringer returns to the apartment hideout he shares with Super Patriot, but Patriot's not alone. Bernie Rosenthal had tracked him down after realizing he was her old neighbor, Mike Farrel. Farrel had been explaining to Bernie that he started his revenge campaign against Captain America because turning himself in after his fiasco with the Watchdogs ended up ruining his life, but ever since the fire he'd lost his nerve and doesn't want to fight any more. Dead Ringer feels differently, and wants to use Bernie as bait to lure Cap in for a confrontation. Mike goes along with it, but his uncertainty grows when Bernie accidentally reveals Ringer's secret stash of severed fingers he uses to supply his transformations.

When Captain America bursts in, Dead Ringer isn't prepared for the new armor and so he pulls out his trump card; he transforms into Death Stalker so he can kill Cap with a touch and claim his form. Super Patriot tries to stop Ringer, but accidentally exposes himself to Death Stalker's touch. Shocked at accidentally killing his own partner, Ringer is easily knocked out by Captain America. Farrel apologizes to Bernie with his last breath.

Back at Brooklyn Heights, Arnie Roth collapses and is rushed to the hospital by Free Spirit and Jack Flag. While in Superia's lab, Diamondback agrees to test the Super Soldier Serum paralysis antidote on herself and the results are successful.


  • Dead Ringer was last seen in police custody in Captain America #428. He had apparently escaped since then.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". Letters are published from: Robert Morales, Jed Ackerman, and Stephen Uriquidez.

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