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Synopsis for "Dawn's Early Light"

AIM has been having trouble developing a new Cosmic Cube, and the power surges emerging from Boca Caliente have not gone unnoticed. Captain America assembles a team of Falcon, Free Spirit, and Jack Flag to invade AIM's island and shut them down. To back them up, Fabian has a small army of crude robots to deploy once their stealth infiltration is detected, and the Avengers aren't far behind.

Free Spirit and Jack Flag head inland to disable the security center, but find they're beaten to the punch by a heavily armed Red Skull. They hang back in the shadows as they witness the Skull blow away two of AIM's guards and head into the bunker. Jack and Spirit attempt to make the best of the situation by claiming the guards' beekeeper outfits for disguises, but as they're suiting up, the guards reanimate and transform, revealed to be Adaptoids.

At the crater where the energy surges had been erupting from, Cap attempts to fly straight in, but a badly timed surge blasts him away and disables his armor. Before Falcon can swoop in to help, he's attacked by the Adaptoid guards himself. Cap instead gets help from an unexpected place -- Superia, who has also infiltrated the island along with a disguised Diamondback, rushes up to the fallen hero and injects him with a sample of her cure before dashing away,


  • Captain America attempts to recruit D-Man without telling him about his condition since he doesn't want to sway his decision out of pity. D-Man declines as he needs to continue acting as leader of Zero Town. D-Man was last seen in Captain America #422.
  • Falcon seeks out Jesse Black Crow looking for possible remedies for Captain America's condition. Black Crow's alter-ego previously helped Cap in Captain America #300, but has no answers for Falcon in this issue.
  • Arnie Roth is in the hospital after collapsing in the previous issue due to his rapidly declining health from cancer.
  • The Avengers had apparently turned Captain America down for the mission after he approached them at the end of Avengers #386, but in this issue reconsider after noticing that the readings from Boca Caliente resemble the energy surge they had been investigating elsewhere at the time.
  • Superia had leaked information on AIM's activity to SHIELD to ensure Captain America would go to Boca Caliente where she and Diamondback could meet up with him. Diamondback is disguised as Snapdragon, the rival she killed during their last stay at Boca Caliente in Captain America #413.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". Letters are pubished from: Franco Tamburro, John D. Hooper, Rob Running Water, adn Aaron Barchanowitz.

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