Quote1.png By my calculations, every single agent of AIM is actually an Adaptoid. Quote2.png
-- Superia

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Synopsis for "Through the Perilous Fight"

Captain America's crew and the Avengers continue to fight their way through AIM's island, contending with the reborn MODOK, the revelation that all of AIM's remaining personell are currently Adaptoids, as well as a host of illusory constructs created from the uncontained wish-granting powers of the faulty Cosmic Cube beneath them. The Red Skull confronts AIM's director, Brannex, who's revealed to be the Super-Adaptoid. Cap's paralysis begins to return and Superia approaches him with an offer for the full treatment in exchange for a debt. Cap recognizes Snapdragon as Rachel. Before any of their conflicts can be resolved, the energies surging beneath the island become even more volatile, sending everyone scrambling and destroying many of the Adaptoids and illusions. Cap is helpless in the maelstrom until his thoughts manage to tap into the Cosmic Cube and manifest his armor. Recovered, he flies towards the source of the disaster, but runs into MODOK one more time.


  • The issue credits an art assist from " Moyer/Scum".

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