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Quote1.png I have reason to believe there is an assasin who is going to make an atttempt on some or all of us assembled here. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Broad Stripes and White Stars"

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Synopsis for "Broad Stripes and White Stars"

Hauptmann Deutschland's team is investigating a string of international superhero murders not realizing the culprit is their own teammate, Zeitgeist, who's revealed to secretly be the Everyman in another guise. The murderer employs a mysterious camera that produces a premonitory photo of the victim's corpse that he shows them to throw them off guard before stabbing them with his foil. Everyman arranges a trap for surviving Golden Age heroes with a gathering at the Angel's estate, a trap to which Captain America is tipped off when he finds out about an invitation found near the corpse of the Angel's homeless brother. As Zeitgeist, Everyman leads Hauptmann Deutschland to the party as part of the investigation, but while he's elsewhere in the mansion, Everyman uses his image inducer to impersonate his teammate and threaten death on party guests. Cap gives chase, runs into the real HD, and attacks, much to his German counterpart's confusion. Everyman takes the opportunity to stab Cap from behind, tossing down the photo of his death before disappearing. When the other former Golden Age heroes catch up and to them it looks like Hauptmann Deutschland killed Captain America, so they begin to pile on him. HD's reflective force field keeps him safe and he takes off after the murderer, now in the guise of a waiter. Just when Everyman thinks he's getting away, Cap gets behind him and swipes his image projector. It's revealed Cap survived thanks to Pym Particles in his armor shrinking the killer's foil at the point of stabbing and he tracked down the disappearing and shape-shifting culprit by the distortion field only his visor could pick up. Everyman tries to flee, but runs into Hauptmann Deutschland, whose power turns the shortened sword's stab back on its wielder. Cap is disappointed that his counterpart killed the suspect, but HD defends his choice, feeling responsible for cluelessly allowing Zeitgeist on his team.

Meanwhile, Free Spirit and Jack Flag are sent out for some time off, but during a walk in the park, they come across Madcap threatening a suicide bombing. Jack tries to stop him, but Madcap detonates his bomb anyway. Both Madcap and Jack survive thanks to their regenerative abilities, but Jack is still seriously injured.


  • Many heroes are confirmed as previously dying at the hands of Everyman. The deceased villains include Bandera, Defensor, Captain Forsa, El Condor, Ojo Macabra, Zona Rosa, and the first Machete.
  • The appearance of the homeless Angel, Simon Halloway, is meant to tie up an inconsistency with modern appearances of the Angel character over the previous few years. "Simon" was introduced in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #7 in a story written by Peter David where he was intended to be the original Angel who had gone underground to be the protector of New York's homeless. David continued to use this version of the character in further stories, most recently in Incredible Hulk #433, which came out just after this issue. Apparently unaware of these character developments, Mark Gruenwald also used the original Angel as the rich, invalid, surprise mastermind of the Scourge Program as seen in U.S.Agent #4. In this issue, Gruenwald depicts the homeless version as the original Angel's brother who filled in for him sometimes right before killing him off. It's worth noting that Simon's appearance here is somewhat inconsistent with his concurrent depiction in Hulk comics, where he was still actively investigating and fighting crime with a sense of dignified humility, whereas in this issue he's disheveled and begging for change.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". A letter is pubished from Ben Herman.

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